Joe Brook: Skateboarding Is Our Religion – An ILFORD Inspires film

Joe Brook’s film ‘SKATEBOARDING IS OUR RELIGION’ is a pilgrimage to the epicentre of skateboarding, San Francisco, in Joe’s iconic van ‘Big Blue’. In this rare look behind the scenes we watch Joe capture skateboarders using various photographic techniques for his work at Thrasher Magazine.

WARNING: The following film features skateboarding tricks performed by professionals. HARMAN technology and the producers insist that no one attempt to recreate or re-enact any of the activity in this film.

Filmed and Edited by Exploredinary (Sarah Reyes and Daniel Driensky)

With additional GX1000 footage by Ryan Garshell

Original Music by New Fumes

Joe’s Subjects: Ben Gore, Corey Duffel, Max Schaaf, Ryan Garshell, Brian DeLaTorre, Yonnie Cruz, Al Davis and Andrew Torralvo

End Credits photos on ILFORD HP5 Plus film by Daniel Driensky
Special Thanks to Joe Brook, Ben Gore, Corey Duffel, Max Schaaf, GX1000 and Michael Bain

Joe’s film processed by Blue Moon Camera and Machine

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  1. Must be great for young skate boarders to see another engaging outlet that might take them on past their years skateboarding however I think they should also take note that a good photograph is a good photograph regardless of the medium, a bit of snobbery developing around this idea that working with film makes your images better/more meaningful (for want of a better term) nothing against it but I see younger photographers in comments put way too much importance on cameras/film etc etc waste lots of money investing in a new camera seemingly every month and ploughing through roll after roll of film. When they would be far better off using that money for travel or photo books. The notion that shooting film is more affordable than digital is nonsense. If your serious and don’t have a magazine budget like thrasher be prepared to pay through the nose for an inflated used camera market, film that seems considerably more expensive every time I look and processing that is equally as eye watering. Good luck to them. When you have something important to write/say no one cares what pen you use to write it.

  2. Thank you very much for this wonderful video. I’ve been shooting film for over fifty years and love the whole creative process. Please keep making videos like this . This young lady was just wonderful.

  3. Seeing that Nikon F100 makes me wanna pick mine up and go out shooting right now! God it's such a great camera! Pushing HP5 to 1600iso is a treat, I know what I'm going to be doing now. What a great photographer this guy is

  4. Whatever this series you guys are doing with all these skaters is incredible. It makes me so happy more creative outlets and society in general is accepting skateboarding. So so sooooo sick to see these!

  5. Amazing video! I´m not a skater but I always love seeing good skateboard photography, really inspiring! Does he have a book or anything where one can see more of his work? His website unfortunately does not have a lot of pictures….


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