Jones Hovercraft Japan Powder Test & Snowboard Review

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The Jones Hovercraft is a snowboard designed to float and glide in powder, while still being a powerhouse on the hardpack for charging and carving. You’re going to find all the directional features you would expect in this style of snowboard, as well as Jones 3D spoon shaping which will give you a smoother feel edge to edge, and a better glide with less resistance in the powder; it also runs a total of 5 contact points per edge to help the board bite and keep you in control on ice. The Hovercraft is going to treat you well on the deep days, and still have plenty of stability for when things get chunky or you feel like stepping on the gas. Let me know what you think down in the comments, thanks for watching.

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  1. I rode the hovercraft a few weeks ago in Furano – we got a dump which was not expected but got us knee deep when we needed.
    The board? I weigh 240 and also rode a 156 like TJ. The board loves to point straight downhill, it's stable AF. I've never ridden faster than on this board. It's obvi wider than most boards but if you can lay it over you will fucking love it. TJ was on a good one today.

  2. My daily driver 🙂 So much more than just a "pow" board. Really fun to ride steeps, pivot through the trees then rip a hard carve on groomers. Can get surfy and stylish if you want to. Lots of character, as most Jones boards seem to have, packed into this one. Hope to run into you, Kevin and David at Bear!

  3. This new format is amazing tj! Adds such a personal touch to the reviews and it really come across nicely. Audio is a bit mid heavy though did you record with a mic?

  4. I've been riding the Hovercraft for a couple seasons now paired with a set of Union Forces and absolutely love it. I have yet to be let down by it. It literally shreds in all conditions, whether it's in deep pow or iced groomers.👌

  5. Thanks for the review TJ man, heard a lot of good things about this board and it’s on my radar. Looking forward to more reviews, loving the evolving content. You still doing live chats on Mondays? 🤙🏼


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