LIVE PRESS CONFERENCE! Dillian Whyte v Oscar Rivas Undercard 🥊

Dillian Whyte and Oscar Rivas undercard fighters speak to the press ahead of their upcoming fights at London’s O2 Arena.


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  1. Hearn said "Allen's certainly having the toughest fight of his career on Saturday "
    So what about whyte and ortiz that he put him to fight when allen wasnt even on the level hes on now ?

  2. I'm a big fan of Price and Dave Allen so I'm not sure who I'm cheering for yet? 🤔…but I do think Allen will get a KO win tbh. Also I think Chisora will struggle against Spzilka, he outboxed Wilder up until the knockout so Chisora is in for a tough fight.

  3. Price, Chisora and Szpilka are simply 2nd tier boxers who can't live with the best, I'm afraid. They've competed, had a go etc, but have come up short. Perhaps I'm saying the obvious but these guys are just time-fillers for the bigger fight and part justification of the ticket/PPV price. Good luck to them all, they will make interesting viewing for those that want to pay to watch this show.


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