Livestream FAILS

Go to ​ and use code ​PEWDIEPIE​ to get 70% off a 3 year plan plus 1 additional month free.#ad epic livestream fails lads, …

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  1. I'm a waitress In the U.S. I've worked at a restaurant that paid 8 usd an hour…..made around 13 usd with tips. I now work at a restaurant for 2.13 usd an hour. On average I make 23.00 usd an hour with tips. The more you make hourly the less people want to give. I like the 2.13 an hour.

  2. After I had watched the live stream I went over to this video demanding he puts his live stream where he leaks his email and later on has to change it 😂
    I had to edit this in
    ( TWICE)

  3. Tipping in America sucks because if the establishment accepts tips they pay the employs less, and generally they can't live offf that wage


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