Los Angeles area: Police chase suspected stolen RV | 10News WTSP

Police chased a suspected stolen RV in Porter Ranch, Calif., near Los Angeles. wtsp.com ▻Subscribe: https://on.wtsp.com/youtube ▻Website: …

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  1. I really think that she was the maid and didn't get paid or had some sort of grievances with the family, so she took their RV and the dogs and went for a joy ride.

  2. If there was ever a reason for the use of deadly force, this would have been it. Many years ago a stolen tank in San Diego ended with officers owning the hatch and shooting the suspect. This falls in the same category in my opinion.

  3. It looked like the dog was following the driver when they ran. Than the fact the driver turned around after the first dog jumped/flew out. Like they were going back to check on it. So was the dogs already in the RV when it was stolen & the person who stole it was familiar with the dogs. Or did the driver bring their dogs when they stole the RV? It just seems the dogs/driver are familiar with one another. RV looks like a crushed soda can.

  4. Pobres perritos 🐶 mi Dios quiera que traten bien a esas lindas criaturas de Dios les den amor 💖 y respeto ellos son inocente y esta pobre mujer a saber que le pasaba por su mente para hacer lo que hiso solo mi Dios lo sabe esque estsmos en un mundo 🌍 que el hombre lo pudrió que ha destruido la Tierra que mi Dios nos dio perfecta

  5. This narrator is such a wimp.
    Does he not understand that people are watching because they want to see a train wreck. Grow a pair of nuts.

  6. Why are the police officers so brutal to her? She is a woman after all. Probably the cops are just misogynists in the first place. Real men always behave like a gentleman.


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