Men’s Snowboard SuperPipe: FULL BROADCAST | X Games Aspen 2018

Watch the spoiler-free full broadcast of the Men’s Snowboard SuperPipe final at X Games Aspen 2018.


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Comment (46)

  1. 5 seconds in and you want to smack the production team in the face. and they challenge you for a whole hour. you better use the mute button. they all had ten MONSTER ENERGY drinks too much. this whole thing is a commercial. and honestly, they shouldve shared the gold medal.

  2. If someone still thinks these RedBull sports are just a bunch of guys n gals having fun and doing some tricks, think again. "I can't keep up with these kids" was very well put from that one older rider.

  3. Sponsored by monster and everyone wears red bull gear!
    Absolutely amazing skills though! Wow! I would say that Scotty is the best in the world and Ayumu is out of this world! I would love to see him and Shaun White have a competition! That would be amazing!

    Ben Ferguson got a way higher score then he deserved though, how did that happen?

  4. Honestly, Ben Ferguson is the of the most Chill, Underrated riders ever. I mean, he is just incredible to watch. He is so stylish in the air and his type of riding is just amazing and soo smooth. All those big guys like Ayumu Hirano and Shaun White and Scotty James are insane, but oh my goodness Ben Ferguson is just a great kid and really fun to watch.

  5. Well there's something if you don' know I did paired up with Scotty James when the Special Olympics Unified Snowboard event made it's debut to X Games in Aspen Colorado and Scotty James and I had took the bronze medal.

  6. Legendary snowboarding – all contenders. Massive respect for your no fear attitude.
    The girls at the bottom might look like fake smiles, but if I was there, I'd find it hard not to smile and laugh and be pumped up with everyone. They got paid to smile and chosen because they're nice to look at. Not many would turn down the opportunity to travel, hang out with like minded people, oh, and smile.
    I do wish the commentators didn't sound like 8 year old's though… I had to mute (without the grab) too much.


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