Mopar YouTubers at WAR- My thoughts on Tall Guy Car Reviews vs Destroyer Grey Productions

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  1. I own 2 mopar vehicles and don't understand why so many mopar owners are so harsh. I love cars. Period. So if my buddy has a Chevy or Ford. Great! I think people just need to be happy with what they choose to work for and what others choose to and call it a day. But I agree that when you're that popular, you need to be careful what you say. There are crazy people out there. Never know when one will show up. Thanks for your service!

  2. I went and checked out his channel after all this publicity came about him. I dont know how anybody could watch any of it. He was so arrogant about everything and then his apology was so evident he was just trying to save his ass. He had a huge following i hope he survives but its not something im interested in. He stepped on the wrong peoples toes somewhere along the line. I hope he works it out.

  3. Don't lump all of us mopar folk in the same category as those who just buy expensive ass cars to throw bolt on parts and call yourselves fast… its stupid, real car builders ain't got time for this shit nor would they condone this fuckery… just like a soap opera on day time TV…. its all for entertainment value….

  4. This is why stopped watching the MOPAR related channels. Love driving my CHALLENGER, but I stay away from all these car clubs. Too much drama, too much foolish illegal behavior and stupidity. YOUR GUYS ARE KILLING THE CULTURE. Keep being stupid and these POLITICIANS will legislate these kind of vehicles out of existence. FUCKING CLOWNS.

  5. Im a mopar guy but i also love mustang and camaros they are all unique in their own was and thats whatbi like about them. I gave a Charger SRT392 and ive been thinking of buying a mustang pp2 as a secound car (even tho i never go to track days mainly mexico and drags) because i think a mustang has to be a manual but thats just me a Camaro i would get it with a auto and a hell cat challenger with an auto too. But some Mopar channels on the tube are making a bad name for us true car enthusiasts i talk shit about Dodges , ford , Chevrolet but its all fin and game never take it serious like them other soft ass trying to act hard en shit just because they have been to prison and done little shit. Shit you dont have to have gone to prison to be tuff shit that only means that you was stupid for getting caught doing stupid shit. You want to be a bad mofo you dont tell no one you are you just to your own shit and keep it in the down low. Thats when you are a real tuff mofo. Well little rant lol . But but anyways they are only hurting them self. Bud just keep doing what you doing and keep being real.

  6. Why are dodge owners such douchbags? Ford. chevy.. and foreign car guys are always so cool and humble! Not just thies YouTube guys but speakin on personal experience 🤔

  7. Destroyer Grey Productions started talking crap about Tall Car Guy Reviews for clout. That started the bullshit! Instead of you pointing that out you're giving Destroyer Grey Productions props by saying he's found his niche. I guess your low key siding with him because your both veterans and have something in common. If Corey started it you'd be saying something disparaging but i guess you don't because you give a heart to all the commenters who say something negative about him smh.

  8. As having a charger most of the groups I have been in a lot of them reply when asking what should I do to get more power people jus reply get a bigger engine. there are groups that do put in good advice. like now I am getting a flash logic remote start.

  9. You right its YouTube (Business) do and say what ever you want but acting dumb of your action in a non understanding way is always bad for bizz. Act and stay professional and follow ur ten commandments….the old testament eye for a eye fuel wars!

  10. At first I was with DG, but now after really watching him, he is definitely hating. People are going to watch who they want to watch, click bait or not. It's just cars and it's not that serious.

  11. So you have time to make a screen shot picture for the white guy but take the mugshot of the black dude and make it your thumbnail. This guy has almost half million subscribers with PLENTY of content yet the only picture you could possibly find was a mugshot. From that choice of yours alone tells me what type of person you really are. People always say actions speak louder that words and that racist bullshit was the first thing to catch my eye.


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