National geographic – Salmon Documentary – BBC wildlife animal documentary

National geographic – Salmon Documentary – BBC wildlife animal documentary Salmon /ˈsæmən/ is the common name for several species of fish in the family …

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  1. I am from Indonesia where here we only eat imported salmons which are quite expensive for us, but I really love the taste of salmon especially the head part. Seeing this video makes me want to eat more local fishes than salmon

  2. Bruh u guys are dumb they are not making it cause you made that impossible jump thing and they can’t get pass we get 10,000 million u know why it’s cause we don’t build impossible jumps for electricity

  3. The illegal dam, Bugliar Dam, near Sialkot Pakistan I reduced the amount of fresh fish reaching the market.Dams affect production of fish sometimes it increases the production.

  4. The hatchery salmon genetics evolve and adapt to the river itself. It's not bad at all to have a native hatchery stock with broodstock programs. You can produce all the hatchery salmon you want and have thriving hatchery and native fish populations. Canada is the perfect example. The dams are a huge issue to mortality rates for both native and hatchery fish populations.

    There are anti hatchery groups who are destroying the fish populations also, they're a far greater threat to salmon populations than anything else. They have this absurd notion that hatchery fish diminish the genetics of native fish, but as long as you use native stock in the hatchery than that's not even part of the equation at all. Even if you don't, it still wouldn't harm the native populations it would help them recover. They would mix some, but the true natives would also spawn selectively and you would end up with 3 different types of strong salmon populations as opposed to 1.

    Anti hatchery groups are dipshits who harm fish populations and the entire nation.

  5. So mess with Gods natural nature process…..cause the salmon even more obstacles with captivity issues and dams (did they not see the dams when project started?) Then go after the pike…..when do they just STOP!!

  6. Salmon swim hundreds of miles of rivers and streams to get it on with the salmon they love, then out of nowhere they're netted and belly squished for eggs, and some folk have the nerve to claim they are protecting salmon. The indignity! Just let'm get it on folks, and nature will get it on too 🙂


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