NC Wildlife: Rare black Coyote at my trail cam; Hendersonville, NC.

Rare animals: Rare black coyote at trail cam! Info on Black Coyotes: The occasional black coyote is seen in the great …

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  1. that is a coydog- They also are seen red and white- 60yrs ago they were only grey coyotes – then they move south and bred with dogs-60 yrs ago a coyotes weight was about 25lbs- I have seen many today 55 lbs. they also run in packs more today. Griz

  2. That coyote sure is beautiful. I've only seen one black coyote in the wild my entire life. I was on a country road and came to the stop sign, it was up on the side of the hill across from me. It just stood there, perfectly still watching me. I watched it for a minute or so and then drove off. It caught me by surprise, it was like I was frozen for a little bit. Absolutely beautiful.

  3. It looks like it could be a dog/coyote hybrid or have dog in its recent genetic makeup. The white spot on the chest is a pretty big deal. That’s not seen in wild canids. The coat looks very different also. It looks shorter and much smoother than normal. The image when the video ends, to me does not look like any coyote I’ve ever seen. Structure wise it just doesn’t look like a coyote to me. Different color wolves look the same to me aside from their color. This animal doesn’t look like a “black coyote.” Magnificent looking animal even if it is some part coyote.

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  5. Wow! Just stunning! Perfect footage….he even seemed to ne posing! Did you put a scent down on the ground, in front of the trail cam? Because he (she?) just rubbed and rubbed his fur into that spot…staying perfectly centered in the trail camera viewpoint!!

  6. I think maybe that's a Timber Wolf…I have a IP camera ( LIVE STREAMING at times ) behind my house up on the mountain an see the same thing….They are trapping them in your area ( the South ) and relocating them up here in the ADK Mtn's of Lake George, NY …but I could be wrong…anyway AWESOME footage and thumbs up !!! 😉


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