Nigerian Senators To Spend N4.7B On Exotic Cars; GOVs To Cut N18K Minimum Wage

Nigerian senators want to spend N4.7 billion on exotic cars while governors want to reduce N18,000 minimum wage.

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  1. Even here in Europe …Nigeria remains the most casted country spoken about……if they would be sensible enough to use that money to construct good and unbeatable qualified education…..Why do we run here to study???Europe is not as blessed as Nigeria Nor talk about Africa but because of criminals we have as leaders….we suffer doom and to crown it all they so called men of God join hands to further ruin the country instead of speaking the truth and lead by example, their level of "I DON'T CARE "is way too much and thats what I term as insatiable wickedness….we all are to be blamed…..especially we citizens…nonsense

  2. All of our lawmakers need to be jai atlest one god year for using our brain my sister, they're stolen our Money for no reasons tell them my sister, none of our lawmakers has the fear of god in heaven ,I believe that the prize of the sin is death which they deserves each everyone of them okay

  3. In UK the SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY has no official car. He or She only used the government’s pool car.
    Very shameful, corrupt no conscience Nigerian rulers and lawmakers. How then can Nigeria ever change.

  4. Those stupid idiots heartless politicians is making me vomiting right now. I wish God will just raise up one person to kill everyone that is up there, like Rawlings did in Ghana. They are not human being. Awon omo Ise aro alailojuti. awon asiwere.

  5. Saraki was educated overseas but actually NEVER learned anything. The average Nigerian workers NEVER have anyone buy them exotic cars, no overseas healthcare, no life insurance, no housing allowance, no food allowance, no furniture allowance, no petrol allowance, no vacation allowance, no clothing allowance, no newspaper allowance, no extra pension allowance, etc, etc, etc.

    These hard working Nigerians have to pay for everything with their meager salaries. You Saraki and your fellow PEN ROBBERS don't even want to pay for your own clothes from your large exorbitant salaries. Who gave you that sense of ENTITLEMENT ? How many of you return all these PERKS when you leave office ? ZERO. You all have 4 or 5 bulletproof cars. The rich Westerners can not even afford one of those cars.

    That means you are all THIEVES. Nigerians are sleeping giants. They will burn and destroy everything you stole when they wake up from their NIGHTMARE.

  6. My job is a seasonal job, for the rest of the un working month, income is the same or even more. Education is free, health is free and I can be jailed if fail to send my kids to school.


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