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The R390 is a worthy competitor to the CLK GTR! Thanks to everyone who recommended it! Who’s hyped for news on update 10?! Discord Link: …

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  1. The R390 in Forza 7 is a car that to be honest, never ever feels truly planted to the ground even with 1.41 lateral Gs, then again, I am a stock purist and insist on driving cars as they are, which in a game all about upgrading cars, is deadass suicide, but I have more fun with cars that are fast from the factory, because they are built for those more extreme speeds.

  2. You said you wanted to try all of the Civics, right? The 1989 Civic is a really good start – It has a few body kits, and a hell of a lot of customization and tuning. Don't know too much about speed though.

  3. Very well done video, as always. Keep it up, bro!! I have a suggestion for your next tuning quickie: how to improve handling without using front, rear, or no forza aero at all. Looking forward to that. Thank you!

  4. Just out of curiosity , could you do a "hood cam" for the audio? it actually changes the sound a bit when you cycle through the cameras . I feel this may help to level the playing field a bit in the sound category . Just an idea : )

  5. Please for love of all that's holy, don't pronounce Porsche like Porsh or something! Gives me ear cancer everytime I hear an english speaking guy pronounce it like a russian meat stew! 😂 Love peace and out! 😊


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