Oakland County High Speed Police Chase (April 1, 2020)

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  1. Rumor has it that the police it the Detroit area have stopped issuing their officers stop sticks to thwart pursuits and have opted for the more effective "PIT" maneuver. That is, "Pursuit Intervention Trees."

  2. No sound. Ill bet the local station bubbleheads were at a loss for words. No kids walking home from school, no people endangered out walking the streets, no cars to run into.

  3. Lmmfao!! Only in California, can you imagine if there wasn’t a pandemic? There’s like 25 1/2 cars on the road. There chasing the 1/2 car! He gave them how many chances driving down dead ends? This is the first time I hoped the scumbag got away! Ridiculous!

  4. It really was an April Fool’s Day that he gets to live! Drivers like that should rot in hell! I wish he would have lost his eyes or legs! So, he could never drive again! SOB


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