Paleontologist Trevor Valle Debunks "Dinosaurs Never Existed" Conspiracy

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  1. One of the reasons that we are finding bones now and not in the past could be because of simple modern building practices. It hasnt been that long that we began building large structures. Modern building codes require buildings to be constructed on footings and or pilings. And the bigger and heavier the building, the deeper the excavation has to be to support the structure. 100 years ago houses were built on top of the ground. This is just common sense.

  2. This guy is bullshit lmao, Google and youtube have largely censored searches like "dinosaurs don't exist" in fact every time you look up counter-cultural conspiracies that aren't aliens and some terrance mckenna shilled out psychedelic theory, you find the opposite of what you're looking for, you find videos promoting them as being debunked rather than showing you the relevant opinion. You can try this right now by searching flat earth conspiracy terms or even dinosaurs never existing. This was not a thing before 2017 / 2018

    The 1800's were known as the golden age of hoaxes, which coincides perfectly with the arrival of dinosaurs. Of course they were practicing faking dinosaur bones and this guy is acting emotionally charged as they toss in a few ad hominems about not liking his voice and other dumb shit, to directionally shift the subconscious opinion of the viewer to hate him on an emotional level because their dumb asses are taken care of by running a disinfo talkshow host. Just like Alex Jones. Yeah, of course Paleontology is dying out, because it was a hoax that made money and catered to one area of psy-op in affecting the world view of people, it has nothing else to offer, thus it's never going to be as huge as a hit as it was when it was many of the false sciences conceived, to earn a big buck.

    It's so easy to give counter skepticism to dinosaurs, because it's so much easier to justify such a big picture of how it's dogmatically enforced vs uprooting that entire superimposed understanding.

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  4. Everything about this clip is awesome lmao. I really dislike Eric Dubay’s dumb ass and his arguments to me have always felt extraordinarily unsound even without hearing expert rebuttals. It blows my mind that people actually fall for his bullshit.


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