Photographing Exotic Cars – The Shooting Cars Podcast Ep. 16

I sit down with Tim Broschinsky. Tim is an automotive photographer from the Chicagoland area. Tim’s portfolio ranges from classic cars to modern exotics.

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  1. Zack, you have such a genuine approach in all of your videos; that you're willing to listen and learn, gaining and sharing knowledge at every opportunity with every person you meet. Most of the stuff you guys talk about is way over my head, but it's amazing that you've accrued all of this knowledge in a short time span by simply being active and passionate about cars.
    You have built a real foundation and I hope your channel takes off and your name becomes as big as Matt Farah :>

  2. I had a '79 Te72 RWD liftback, 1.8L 3T-C (Canadian SR5) and it was pretty wild.. (5-spd manual, stripped the interior) Its last owner put it through over 20 years of daily driving in Ontario weather so it ate a ton of winter road salt and by the time I got it the frame was rotting out, sure enough a rear trailing arm fell off the frame… it was pretty done but the engine was still going! My favourite car.


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