Police chase ends near Marysville

Police chase ends near Marysville.

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  1. As a European, I’m still not sure why it takes the Americans, over a dozen pursuit vehicles to chase one (crappy) car. Are they not trained in pursuit vehicle training and as such, they need the volume of cars? It’s great viewing but not sure why it takes so many cars?

  2. I wish that our laws would just let the cops shoot the bastards, push the vehicle out of the way, let traffic flow, and save the taxpayers a bunch of money. I hate when they catch them and take them to jail. I’d rather see them dead.

  3. if this had been georgia there would be multiple civilian cars in the fast lane, idiots moving in the way of the cop cars and not a single car pulled off to the side of the road to let the police go by.

  4. Is there any other state besides California where police vehicles employ both blue and red lights ? All the non-Cal police depts. I have seen here have used only blue, actually just now did notice some of the cars in this video with red and blue. Is there a national standard or is it up to the several states, or local departments ?

  5. That has to be one of dumbest individuals on the planet !! 6 or 8 cops and a helicopter chasing him and he pretends that he's going to get away . He should have given up 30 miles down the road. What an idiot.


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