Police CHASE & STING DirtBike's TYRES after 80MPH GETAWAY

The Kawasaki 250cc was one of three which sped away when they were spotted by a police motorcyclist in the Tipton area. The gang split up, so the motorbike …

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  1. tbf there are better places to do enduro than a residential area, disgusting for using pavements where there could have been kids, if you want to go fast on something that shouldn’t be seen on a certain type of asphalt then head to single lane country roads where your chance of mowing down a toddler is low and at least if u crash it’s only urself to blame and harm

  2. Why can't police chase after nonces instead of chasing innocent dirt bike riders! So what if there not legal they should make a new law where you can ride them anywhere except roads! Dick head police

  3. Your on crossers use it your advantage ride over fields done easy peasy ,police lost instead you ride on roads were the police super bike can easy persue, the second the police bike hit the grass the front Wheel would have slipped out

  4. Me I would destroy his property see how he likes that. Also waste of time what about the owner of the bike. Yea gods no wonder the uk is fast becoming a 3rd world country.

  5. I think that crushing his bike was excessive. Don’t punish the bike for its owners disregard for the law. And I think he should have only had a year at maximum. It’s non violent and no one was hurt. License suspension for year is legit. I think the punishment should match the crime and a year of community service while a year (which is still excessive) served in a corrections facility and a 1 year license suspension is more than enough. If that doesn’t teach him than nothing will.

  6. Jail time, really? I dont understand how urban riding pisses some people off so much. The police need to learn to call off chases for public safety, even if it means they will never catch the rider. You dont have to hate or shun someone because they ran from the police. Unless the bike is stolen, I root for the riders.

  7. Why “gang”? Bell end, what you talking about.. “where’s the punishment” have you ever done 80 hours community service, a suspended sentence and driving ban?! Such a batty boy, your videos are shit! This is only good because you’re not in it, apart from the spaff you bumble out at the start and end. Get a life, donkey…

  8. 0.54 the bikes are illegal to ride on the road as they can't be insured ????. Really nutsack, tell me how i have a 450 road legit insurance taxed mot v5 ????

  9. Sadly these illegal bikes are going off road in Tipton, on our parks and nature reserves and nothing is being done about it. It`s not safe to walk around here.

  10. These guys are trash lol. Go on pavement and spin around or go down cycle paths the police bike will struggle. Oh wait your not smart enough because your hooked on drugs 24/7


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