Police Chases Part I

Police Chases.. Why do people always think they can get away when they have no skillz what so ever.. See here part 1 of my “compilation”.

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  1. Agreed.

    Kids now a days have no fear. and the adults are the owns who are afraid. Adults are fed fear through the media and everything else. Over protecting the kids. Kids are thus not afraid of anything.

    this is the result.

  2. ha i just watch the first one tody on the smae show wow morons who think they can get away i say give all police forces a huge truck with 1000 hp and next time a drugie or murder's or anyone whos has commited a big crime should get ran over

  3. The cops wouldn't have to beat my son. I'd get myself a willow switch and stripe his ass good. If more people took care of their kids some of this stuff wouldn't happen. I mean you don't have to commit child abuse just use a little corporal punishment when needed.

  4. People people please read first then comment as I said before: Some ppl send me clips for compilations. Some of them contain music I din't add and can't change either because then the voices would be gone also (voices of the cops etc).


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