r/Entitledparents She Tries to Drown a Kid in a Swimming Pool!

r/Entitledparents The lady in today’s video is absolutely bonkers! She gets angry that kids are interrupting her swimming in a public pool. So, she does the only logical thing: she tries to murder one of the kids who’s playing in her lane. Makes sense, right? Luckily, OP was on lifeguard duty and was there to stop her in time! If you like this video and you want to see more, hit that subscribe button!

πŸ‘ͺ r/Entitledparents Let My Kids Steal, Or I’m Calling The Cops On You! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0XbA7TJ2kw&list=PLQWFBACAObMj6W6NyJvSBp_kj2HI33iXN&index=8

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“Sneaky Snitch” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
License: CC By Attribution 3.0

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  1. THE FIRST ONE IS ATTEMPTED MURDER! IDK HOW THE GUY DIDN'T PUNCH HER IN THE GOD DAMN THROAT! I hope she gets at least 5 years in jail and her parental rights revoked and her kids taken away to a better family or their father.

  2. To the first story Puerto Rico is the United States it is not a state it is a commonwealth which means it's just one step from being a States but it is the United States you do not need a passport to go from Puerto Rico to America just like Guam Guam is part of the United States is just not a state

  3. I honestly do get annoyed when kids and teens are splashing around in lanes dedicated to laps when I'm trying to get some exercise in. But you know what I do? Search for a different lane that's empty. It's as simple as that.

  4. from that last story where the girl was drowning in her own lungs, i had this happen to me when i was about a year and a half old. 2/3rds of my right lung was filled with fluids and i was dangerously close to flooding into the left lung. the only times i was actually able to use the mask was when i was sleeping as i had a natural distaste for masks (even as a baby, this seems about right as i hate most halloween masks. can't breathe well and doesn't work with glasses half the time). this wasn't my first dance with the reaper i've had either. me and my mom's side of the family seem to have run ins with death a lot and nearly get by with pure luck.

  5. I really for no reason, feel like I’m such an entitled little $h!t, like, I’ll ask for something like a vr set and feel like I’m asking them for a fortune, and I have no idea why

  6. I hope the Karen in the first story did some sort of time in jail for an attempt at manslaughter >.>
    Also, this reminds me of when I went swimming with some friends almost a year ago…There was no Karen attempting to drown a child though a child did almost drown.
    There's a "lazy river" creek near my friends in Alabama called the creek and the part we went swimming at has a strong current. It was myself, my husband, a 5 yr old girl, the mother, and the uncle. Everyone in our group besides the child knows how to swim. Let's call the child "bug" (it's a nickname her family members call her)…There is a small embankment where little kids can be near the water but also play in the sand/dirt. That is where Bug, her uncle, my husband and I were at while the mother was on the other side of the creek, but no more than 7 ft away. Bug was playing in the water that was closer to the shore, near her uncle while my husband and I were briefly distracted by a runaway water bottle. Bug has been told multiple times not to go into the water any deeper than her feet by herself. We explained to her that it is not just because she doesn't know how to swim but also because of the strong current which was difficult for even us adults to maneuver through.
    So within those brief seconds of my husband and I being distracted, Bug manages to wander just a little too far into the water…current catches her and drags her under. I do not see any of this, I only hear her mother, my friend screaming her daughter's name at bloodcurdling levels. Immediately turning around I just see Bug's little hands sticking out of the water and I felt myself leap towards that hand along with her mother. Her mother being height-challenged had difficultly keeping herself above water as she grabbed her child. I was right beside her, firstly grabbing Bug's hand, pulling her out of the water and holding her with one arm while helping her mother regain her footing so she didn't go under next. I carry Bug over to the embankment where she is shaking but not scared, crying..more of her body in shock. Bug says repetitively that she is okay and the water was strong. Everyone decides that swimming is done and time for food which made Bug happy.
    Not an r/entitledparent story but I thought it would be nice to share this with rSlash and his community! ^_^

  7. Definitely right about it being a good thing that psycho mom didn't hunt for "secret pools" in the US. If I had a bunch of unexpected strangers in my backyard I absolutely would have brought my .45 (A Judge that also shots 410 shells) at least. You never know what kind trouble you might be walking into when confronting the entitled πŸ˜‰
    (Yes, I'm a bit country since I am from Missouri. However, I didn't get my own personal protection device until I lived in a rough part of St. Louis…south city for locals.)

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