r/Entitledparents This entitled mother comes to the beach and decides to start screaming at a 17-year-old girl for wearing a bikini. She says that the bikini is disturbing her precious son. Lady, if you think women in bikinis will disturb your son, then why on earth did you bring him to a public beach!? And to add to that, why don’t you just walk 50 feet in any direction to where your son can’t see the bikini anymore? If you like this video and want to see more, subscribe to my channel for more daily Reddit videos!

👪 r/Entitledparents Insane Mother Robs an Ambulance! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FraiqFJfFWs&list=PLQWFBACAObMj6W6NyJvSBp_kj2HI33iXN&index=8

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“Sneaky Snitch” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
License: CC By Attribution 3.0

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  1. That first story. It wasn't the crazy bitch who murder her spirit. It was probably having the cops called on her and, likely, being investigated for grooming charges. Marge probably got accused of diddling all the kids, chewed out by the cops, and is now afraid of talking to kids incase she's jailed. Such is this bullshit world.

  2. Don't know if you've gotten to it yet, but there's a story that shows why the karen in your add on to the Marge story was dangerous, where a lady tried to kidnap a kid and frame the dad as a pedophile all because they didn't share the same skin tones so she didn't believe they were related. So yeah, consider yourself lucky your story didn't end with cops being called.

  3. That story with the crazy old lady accusing the women of kidnapping her baby- I would’ve flipped my shit. Like I wouldn’t not have been nearly as reasonable as she was in that situation. if it was me I probably would’ve freaked out the moment she grabbed my wrist, and I probably would’ve body slammed that lady if she tried grabbing my kid…

  4. I encountered a karen today at the store. My mother and i were checking out AND social distancing. Well the lady in front of us turned around and told me to back off and stand 6 ft in the most annoying, Umbridge like, girlish voice. My mom told her we were and called a bitch. The lady refused to say anything back(didnt even look at us) and you could tell she was afraid, even with the mask she was wearing. The lady hurried out if the store real quick after paying. Now that I think about, I should've coughed.
    Yeah, I know we're in the middle of a pandemic, but that doesn't give people an excuse to treat other people like they have the virus. It is still important to social distance, wear masks if we need to, and wash hands to keep you and other people safe.

  5. It was the bus driver's prerogative to gift whom she wished. She gave candy canes to all the kids. Too bad that nasty jealous ruined it for everyone. Shame on her. Sounds like the bus driver was a wonderful person. God rest her soul.

  6. When I was 8, my parents got me a cattle dog mix puppy. He was 3 months old when we got him. My mom would work with me on taking care of a dog every day. (We had a cattle dog beagle mix prior that passed away when I was 5, so I had an idea on what I was doing) Anyway, my new puppy is now 9 months old. I'm sitting in my front yard with him and this lady and her 7 Pomeranians walk past me. One Pomeranian growls at me and two other Poms pee on my bike. My dog (who is tied to the porch) growls at the lady. The lady the yells at me, and goes
    "Is that dog even on a leash!?"
    I respond "Yes, you can see the neon orange rope/"
    She then says "Well, you need to control him better, a small child shouldn't be allowed with a big, aggressive dog" (When she said that, my dog was roughly 15 pounds)
    My mom comes out and argues with her. My dog didn't get to pee in peace that morning. Poor buddy.

    A little over a year later, I'm 10, my dog is 2, and we've recently moved to a new state, with new neighbours. I'm walking my dog and 2 German Shepherds and a Lab are barking their heads off, and my dog is ignoring them. But not even 30 seconds later, all 3 dogs run thru the inground fence. The Largest German Shepherd snaps at me, narrowly missing my hand. My 35-pound dog grabs the shepherd by her snout and bites it. He then growls at the other 2 dogs, smacking one in the face with his front two paws. All 3 dogs run into their garage whimpering. I bolt home and my dad angrily walks over to the house and confronts the owners. They say they'll "handle it" but only if I stop walking the dog alone – what!?
    We have a well trained, smart, and protective dog, you're the a**holes with aggressive dogs.

    Haven't walked down that street since.

  7. IDK why but whenever you make the Entitled parent voice I just imagine the Skeksis from The Dark Crystal flapping their beaks and flailing around ; p

  8. “Why are you giving 4 kids gifts and not my kids?! Are you touching these kids?! Are you a molester?!”

    If I was there, you know I’ll yeet that b*** off the bus


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