Razer FINALLY fixed their laptop problem!!

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  1. Why is everyone so crazy about facial recognition?
    It's like the single most useless thing you can ever fit to a laptop.
    Might as well bolt a cup holder to the side and make the screen spray bug repellent while you at it.

  2. I fell into a difficult choice,macbook pro 15inch or Razer blade 15inch, I need do UI design only need one apple app,the sketch, Adobe XD is good but still not strong enough.
    Can anyone who bought this razer blade tell me how it is if run macos VM on it?

  3. Big Keyboard Issue on my Mercury White Razer Blade 15 Advanced RTX 2060

    – All of the Keys with secondary functions are backwards – The main key which is typed when you hit the key is on the TOP and secondary key you would hit the Shift Key for are on the bottom. This not inline with any standardized keyboard layout and for me is a reason to send it back. Paying this kind of money for a laptop and the keyboard key not being correct is unacceptable for me. I know how to type and don't look but I noticed this today after selecting a key I would use the Shift key for and found everyone one is backwards!!! I believe this is because all secondary keys are now lit and the Shift Key items were not lit in previous versions. So they are now lighting the entire key but didn't change the format?? Correction every Razer keyboard is like this and it must be a design decision. As I was getting used to the keyboard I would need to look to make sure I had the correct key and my brain was confused when the < , and > . keys had the comma and period on the top instead of the bottom. Anyhow the above was just my thoughts on this and might not be a big deal to others.

    I can confirm my unit had the full key back-lighting but It has been noted the UK versions do not have the full key back-lighting.

  4. I have an older pair of vibrating headphones from years back (Rosewill)… and they definitely make a difference. Its a shame the sound quality wasn't where I would like it, thus never used them as the primary headset, but this "technology" is actually quite a game enhancer. Especially with VR.

  5. Hey Linus! Well it seems the guys from RAZER actually did „fix that problem“ but apparently only for the US – market… we here in Europe and UK get the „Advanced“ Model without backlit function keys… I am really disappointed 😂…


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