Real Racing 3 Track Day Stage 1 Complete Upgrades 1111111

Stage 1 Goal 1 Upgrades 0000000 Stage 1 Goal 2 Upgrades 0000000 Stage 1 Goal 3 Upgrades 0000000 Stage 1 Goal 4 Upgrades 1111111 Fixed Upgrades …

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  1. people complaining about high prices are right, but they forgot firemonkeys knows that the timezone trick can give you more than 100g/day, so they balance. I don't think they will fix the timezone trick anytime soon cause first: i don't think it's actually possible to fix unless you bind the logs with ip wich gives a lot of burocratic shit to deal with (eg: privacy), and second: i suppose the owners of the sponsors you watch to take the gold pay firemonkeys depending on number of views they get…so it's possible that the timezone trick is actually convenient to FM. with that said 1040g for another umpteenth porsche is a real waste in any case imho


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