Riding in a Driverless Taxi at CES 2019!

From the back seat of a completely self-driving, driverless taxi in Las Vegas 🤯
Yandex project: https://sdc.yandex.com
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Intro Track: Filet Mignon by The Cutlery



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  1. Here then 3 people must focus on the road so that they could pull the safety handle before any accidents happens where with the driver you just seat, relax and enjoy the long drive. Bullshit

  2. I would feel more safer if it wouldn't have a steering wheel… pedals… An ipad so you can have an ideea about the traffic media and lime controls would be just enough

  3. Those ones are hitting Moscow streets right now for testing, looks pretty dope

    I’d have to mention that Yandex is a really huge company here in Russia, for example, they own all local Uber businesses, so, technically, in Russia (as well as in Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan) Uber is owned by Yandex. So, their cabs have a similar paintwork, albeit with a little different color scheme but you don’t notice it at the first glance. So, when you see at first a regular cab that are plentiful around the streets, and then you notice it actually has no driver you’re like wow what the heck is going on here

  4. This is good and all…but computers lack one thing…the ability to respond to bad things happening around them …lets say your driving North but some guy on drugs is driving South on the wrong lane…a human would avoid him…the robot would just continue driving straight not knowing the driver infront of it is doing something wrong …and as a result crash and Injure the passangers

  5. This is insanity you're going to have these vehicles dragging human bodies down the road the sensors cannot and will not be reliable they can't even keep planes from falling out of the sky if the pilots were in the planes you'd have a thousand crashes a day this is more stupidity we need labor-intensive jobs jobs that needs a lot of human beings getting paid high wages

  6. I'm a child of the 80's and Knight Rider was my show of choice …. oh i sure would let it drive me around…. while i played the Knight Rider theme… because thats how we roll!


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