Rupaul's Drag Race Season 12 Episode 12 Review (FINAL THREE!) | Hot or Rot?

Today I’m reviewing the twelfth episode of season 12 of Rupaul’s Drag Race! In this episode of “Hot or Rot?”, I’m reviewing the outfits from the “Viva Drag Vegas” …

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  1. Maybe don't say the word g*psy 😬

    It's considered a slur by Romani people because it's either used to refer to them as cheap and dishonest (g*pped) or fetishize their culture/lifestyle.

    I really love you and just wanted to let you know. Not a lot of people realize it's offensive and I know you meant it as a good thing, but I just wanted to let you know.

  2. I'm team crystal also we need u to be on drag race 13 and you'll be my winner if your on season 13 !! Also love you gurl❤❤ also who do you think will win?

  3. I’m on the fence, I would want jaida to win she’s on that fine line between modern drag and pageant and it’s time a queen like that wins but on the other hand I can’t see a unique queen like crystal losing ❤️

  4. I personally don't understand Gigi's look at all. Wasn't aesthetically pleasing to me personally, but I'm sure it was true to who Gigi was. So young and so high on the competition. Gratz!

  5. My dreamt top 4 would be Jaida, Gigi, Crystal and Jan.
    Jan winning the Rusical would mean that she could perform better the next challenge, in which she sashay away. And after that, straight to the top.

  6. Crystal painted her face every color of the rainbow this season (excluding green and including her makeovers yellow) which I think is so fun! Hopefully it was on purpose cause that’s one hell of a color story!

  7. I like Jaida, but I think the reason she never personally resonated with me is because we never got to see her step out of her comfort zone and give us that moment of camp or club kid. Like, the judges will critique a kooky queen and tell her she needs to serve them glamazon, but they will never tell a pageant girl she needs to give them some spook. That's not Jaida's fault, she was never asked to give us anything out of the box, but at the same time I just think my personal aesthetic will always lean more towards the girls who can bring us the weird like Crystal or the camp like Gigi.

  8. I'd vote for postponing the finale as well. They did this "behind the scene" really no finale with Ink Master and it was so un-satysfying when you watch the whole season, excited who will win, Finales are usualy the most exciting parts and they scratch it with something "meh". It won't take that long and there doesnt have to be a huge audience…there is a way, don't f*ck it up, Ru. 🙂

  9. Gigi is total elegance and originality. But STOP!!!! That's all you get. No social gab, inability to capture and own an audience from a social point of view. I see Gigi as a beautiful piece of art at museum. You are in awe, but the painting does not talk back, it's open to interpretation. That is what we get from Gigi.

  10. gigi has been slaying the game all season and she absolutely deserves all of the praise she's recieved, but tbh i feel like it'd be so… idk, predictable? if she gets the crown. like, i like gigi, but i wouldn't be surprised at all if she won, i just feel like it'd be so anticlimactic tbh. but of course i'm a chronic underdog stan, so there's that LOL

    i'd be happy if crystal or jaida won. as much as i would like it to be crystal, i doubt she'll win unless she pulls out something spectacular in the finale. her improvement throughout the season has been so incredible, but her track record isn't as strong compared to gigi and jaida, plus idk if ru would crown another "weird queen" right after yvie. (tho i guess sharon and jinkx both count as quirky queens? idk y'all) but, the finale could turn it all around, so who knows!

    when the season began, i wasn't sure if i was going to like jaida based on her grumpiness during the first challenge, and she seemed like the real catty sort at first, but i grew to love her over time. every single time she hit the runway i was so taken aback by her looks, also she's just so naturally gorgeous in and out of drag and ugh. she's already such a superstar, i can't handle it

    so yeah personally i'm #teamcrystal or #teamjaida. i honestly cannot wait for the finale, this season has been amazing UGH and i'm excited for all-stars too 😀

  11. I feel so bad for the season 12 queens in the way that the competition was FIERCE! Compared to season 11, if any of the top 6 of this season were on last season, I think they would have won tbh

  12. Imo Gigi’s win in the Madonna was deserved because her role and dancing stood out more to me than Jans, the snatch game I laughed the most at hers , Her ball challenge was really good because she had ideas that I’ve never really seen on drag race. Her final challenge win I felt should’ve been a tie between her and Jaida because Jaida had the dancing and looks while not having a very great voice (it felt too deep and it didn’t show that much emotion) and Gigi has the voice and the looks also. So really id be happy if Jaida or Gigi won the season and Crystal too because she has the most votes on who the fans want to win and her and Jaida both were trending on Twitter in Canada when the last episode premiered and they might even pull a fancy edit and bring back Jackie but I don’t think she will win because so far she has no wins and only mini challenges

  13. Girl I don't know what you're talking about this wasn't season 12, il was all stars 4.5 !!! I fully agree with you Crystal and Gigi were jaw-dropping ! I think it's just so so sad if they do a Zoom finale. This was one of the best season that we had for a long long time and having a conf-call finale would just ruin everything. Thank you so much for having enterained us with all your reactions throughout the whole season of RPDR AS 4.5 ;). Cheers from Switzerland 🇨🇭🖤.

  14. Im sorry but I hate Crystals outfit. Her face and headpiece are awesome. But I hate that garment. GiGi is always tailored for the gods Jaida….OMG…I loved it. Gigi slayed the rap. Crystal looked so soft and beautiful in the mirror song. And Jaida looks awe inspiring in every look. Especially her runway. She is well rounded. I really hope she wins.

  15. Hey Ugly! So glad to see your review! I really want my hometown gurl Crytal to win but honestly they all deserve it. This season was SOOOOOO GOOD! Looking forward to all of your reviews for All Stars!! 3😍

  16. So happy for Gigi #teamgigi all the way she deserves the wins because she hasn’t been in the bottom 1 time where Jaida and Chrystal have both been in the bottom at least 1 time and I mean sherry can’t win so

  17. I’m team Crystal! But in saying that I believe it’s time we have someone like Jaida win, she’s a very well rounded queen where she’s not just a pageant queen. She funny talented and has done so well through the competition.

    I love this top three Gigi surprised me so much with showing she’s not just a queen with a good mug and tailored looks but she’s smart with her looks.

    Crystal is someone who’s been consistent and has had the most growth. I’m just proud of them all and I wish we could still have a top 4 with Jackie because her story impacted me.

  18. Jackie's look combines all the primary colours, and sometimes that can be eye catching, but i think if there was a balance of the colours, maybe some white or black to balance it out, then it would've been received better

  19. I don't know if it's because of my age (😬)…. but Gigi's look reminded me of Joan Cusack's character from 16 Candles and Crystal's look makes me feel like it was inspired by Jambi from Pee Wee's Playhouse.


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