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The new Smart ForTwo is back with a mini-sized bang. Expect a car that’s easy to drive, cute to look at and cheap to run. With prices starting out from just under …

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  1. I leased a gas-powered Smart Fortwo for three years and loved driving it. I was amazed at how roomy the cabin felt. Unless I looked over my shoulder, I couldn't even tell I wasn't in a larger car. Parking was such fun, too! When I was rear-ended in it, I came out without a scratch. I look forward to testing the electric model, but, last time I checked, our Kelowna Mercedes/Smart car dealer was still waiting to receive ZED Smart cars. Still waiting…

  2. Well sadly there is know electric car you can use on the countryside and especially no good suv.Long drives are of course the most harming to nature but that’s the kind of drives that will not be able to be driven by electric cars in a LONG time. Sad

  3. I test drove a current ForTwo and deliberately drove it at speed bumps and it didn’t really feel as if it crashed over them. My Mum had a 2009 ForTwo and that thing was hilarious in how badly it crashed over the speed bumps around here. The current model seems to be a massive improvement. But obviously that’s from a short drive so I’d need to drive it more to really know how it feels.

    Very well made review though overall. Great common sense approach.

  4. A great review. As someone who plans to be buying this very car, hopefully very soon, i can say that i too feel its a great car. I only plan to use for a bit of town driving, my short commute, and a bit of out of town driving (no more than 50 miles mind), which the car should be perfect for. Its unfortunate so many people don't like this car (EV or Petrol), and odd seeing as how i see so many on the roads around me. Thanks for this great positive review.,


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