Smartphone Awards 2019!

The best of smartphones in 2019!

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Top Big Phones [0:51]
Best Compact Phones [2:50]
Best Cameras [4:53]
Best Battery Life [7:28]
The Design Award [9:42]
Top Budget Phones [12:03]
Biggest Bust [15:11]
Most Improved [18:23]
MVP [20:47]

Asus ROG Phone II Review:
Galaxy S10E Review:
iPhone 11 Pro Review:
Samsung Galaxy Fold Review:
Redmi K20 Pro Review:
Google Pixel 4 Review:
OnePlus 7 Pro Review:

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Comment (47)

  1. I feel galaxy s10 plus should be called MVP because it is allrounder type smartphone.
    Only in price to performance one plus is best it's camera is definitely not the best sometimes it's feel like worst they are very inconsistent cameras.

  2. Just a fyi. For all the iPhone pro praise , let's put a real life aspect to it ,. I just got myself a pixel 4 . If you calculate in a two year contract the iPhone pro 11 costs 1500$ cad MORE . Make sure to understand that. Totally different game even if they're both the manufacturers Flagship

  3. Rog phone 2 or Onplus 7 pro ?
    Hardwarewise the rog phone 2 fits me more. Dual front facing speakers headphone jack. And a battery of 6000mah is great. i dont use i hardly take photos so the camera is no main focus for me. I heard asus is not so good with updates. While keeping that in mind the Onplus 7 pro has good hardware good software .but it has no headphone jack ( i think i could live without rather not but i can ) better software . Smaller battery. No dual facing speakers. Im having a hard time to decide. I never had a Asus device so i dont know how bad or good their update system is. So in the end id hardware vs Software.. does anybody has an idea how good asus their updates policy is ? And should i choose hardware above software or the other way around ? Im not a phone gamer.

  4. Just looking at this since my phone just lost it's rear camera (oneplus 5t) and I use it more often than I thought, but I ordered a OnePlus 7t and this made me just that much more excited

  5. How come a phone focused on camera ( Nokia 9 Pureview ) is not on the best camera list? Also you didnt even mention Huawei P30 Pro for one of phones with the best battery power out there. I think you are being a little bit of a fan boy over Samsung and Iphone.

  6. Why is LG so underrated now? Its crazy. I went from the regular iphone x to the s9 and now to a V40, and it literally SLAPS every phone i've ever had. Those people that say lg is boring are the ones that are just hopping on the bandwagon of brand names tbh

  7. Great concept for a video, and you should consider adding two more categories: "Best new feature of the year", and "Most redeemed brand of the year" or "Worst fall from Grace" "Worst durability/craftsmanship". You didn't once mention HTC or LG, not even honorably. The LG G8 Thinq, for example, is much better than the Pixel 3a… an excellent flagship phone that went from costing $900+ to just around $300 in a matter of 10 months! I just bought an open box version for $264! The LG V50 can turn into a dual phone, with built-in 5G. The new HTC U12+ also has some unique, interesting features. Food for thought, from someone who doesn't think that a camera makes a phone.

  8. When you watch this with a 4 years old phone… (S7edge 😅) You could do a category best old phone or something becuse my Galaxy s7 edge is garbage now its constantly lagging and updates are coming every once all planets align perfectly 😒😑 840 euros for not even 4 years? I will pay 1k for phone if they do guarantee a life circle more then 3 4 years! 😒


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