Software Engineers "Work" From Home Snowboarding

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► My Corgis

► Social Media

► My Gear
Laptop –
Ultrawide Monitor –
Main Camera –
Main Lens –
Wide lens –
Mic I use –
Gorilla Pod –

► Travelling?
Save $55 for Airbnb:
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► Take a coding quiz! See if you’re qualified for top tech companies and if you do really well, you can skip phone interviews:

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  1. VERY GREAT ADVICE, I use to save tons of video tutorials but the end of all these tutorials, fuck! I am just beating around the bush, ur right just learn the fundamentals and there pattern and ur good to go….

  2. Louis Rossmann's favorite line: "Why does this macBook not turn on?? Let's open up the MacBook and see what's wrong with this MacBook…"

    opens the MacBook 

    "Let's plug this thing in… and, let's check for PPBus_G3_hot…"


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