Teach Your Siberian Husky To Live With A Cat!

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Comment (25)

  1. I have a 14 week old husky that I’ve had for three weeks now. He is insane (like can’t control himself) for the cat treats and cat food. Any ideas on How can I have them eat treats together without him spazzing over this kitty crack??

  2. Keep up with the great work.
    Here are some questions I have
    Could you review Dog gadgets?
    Could you do more content with your cat?
    Can you get another puppy of a different breed?
    Love your channel so much!

    Edit:Grammar mistake

  3. I know that I'm commenting a long time after this video was published but I have a 3 year old cat, and I'm planning on buying a husky that is just under a year. Is it still possible to make the husky friendly to my cat? I really want to get a husky but I won't buy one if I can't feel comfortable about my cat's safety

  4. Greetings from Texas! I found this video immensely helpful after adopting a 4 year old rescue Husky to live with my dog and cat. My Husky was completely non-reactive to his foster mom's cat, but when we brought him home, he was TOO interested in my cat. It took about 5 weeks of crating, constant supervision, correction and encouragement of good behaviors for him to completely lose interest in my cat. The tips in this video really helped. And now, 8 months later, we allow our dogs and cat to roam freely around the house while we're gone and have had zero issues (but be warned, this setup is completely dependent on your own animals and their personalities – this is what works for us). Thank you for this content!

  5. Our cat walked slowmotion for the first week, only moving when the dog wasn’t looking. I taught her to sit to get a treat, so now now rhey can have treats next to each other. Dog lying down, cat first 😃

  6. Do not fall for it we have a husky and a cat and they are in separate rooms . Your cat will always be stressed and Julie’s will kill . Unless you get a pup and then he will think cat is it’s alpha or parent

  7. I have a 6 year cat and I'm getting a husky puppy in a few weeks. I'm hoping it wall will go well. The puppy with have a cage that he will only be in a night to keep him safe but my cat has alot of places to hide and jump up on when he is here. I'm more worried about the puppy than the cat as she attacked a dog that my niece owns.

  8. I didnt watch the video before introducing the my cats with the new dog, and they did not get along well I separated them and I'm scared they will never like each other and now will always fight when they see each other, what do I do?

  9. I am getting 2 huskys, they’re both 3 months old brother and sister. I have a 1.5 year old cat she’s very skittish and will even run away from myself sometimes, any advice on how to work around that?

  10. I have 6 cats, my huskies are 5 months old and a lil but stubborn but they are getting along lil by lil with some of our cats I hope they get easier to handle when they grow up so I can teach them to be calm around all of our cats, because the dogs still chases 2 of my cats (this ones are very shy) the good thing is that my lady cats are very skillful to handle the dogs, they calm then with their paws (very gently but with a serious attitude) whenever the dogs invade their personal spaces anyway! Wish me luck I’m still struggling with this and now I rescued a lil kitten from a storm so is even harder to get the dogs stay calm whenever they sniff the lil cat from the next room

  11. Love the pooches and the tips. Wanted to share that I had a husky that died unexpectedly at 2yrs of a blood condition – the cat mourned for over a week, the saddest wailing sound you’ve ever heard😿. We tried to rescue other huskies from animal welfare but we were not allowed as – we had a cat!!! We have ended up rescuing 2 other huskies over the last 10 years (privately) – & the cat remains the Queen of the household!!! At the end of the day – responsible pet ownership is the key. Thank you for sharing that huskies and felines can live together❣️


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