Tesla Cybertruck Test Ride and Impressions!

We ride in Tesla’s newly announced Cybertruck prototype! Just hours after its highly-anticipated unveiling, we meet up with Ryan McCaffrey of the Ride the Lightning Tesla podcast to discuss details we noticed from our test ride and getting up close with this futuristic electric pickup. It’s controversial and aggressively designed, with an aggressive price to boot.

Check out Ryan’s great Tesla Motors podcast here: https://teslapodcast.libsyn.com/

Shot and edited by Norman Chan

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Intro bumper by Abe Dieckman

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Comment (29)

  1. this dual motor version is just as fast as a AMG gt 4 doors non top config, let that sink into our bigheads for a minute. This gigantic truck is as as fast or faster than 2 of the 3 config types of a supposed serious sports car that starts from 132 000 euro/dollar

  2. I see 3 main problems why I don't liked this truck
    1. Steering wheel… wtf is this, I want a wheel
    2. No shifter, why? So your display have issues and don't work anymore you are stranded?!
    3. This triangle design… I can put a quad on my Ford truck too, but with the load area cover it's stays dry. So I can't use the load are with bigger things like a piano etc. If it starts to rain

  3. Lol this is what happens when people that have never owned or used a truck design one! Wft! The only way that would be a cool truck is if it was on Mars or the moon. How in the hell is someone going to use this for work?! I guise welders could use it for emergency scrap metal.

  4. Metric specs anyone?
    Top speed: 130 mph = 210 km/h.
    Range: 250-500 mi = 402-804 km.
    Payload 3,500 lb = 1588 kg.
    Bed Length 6.5 ft = 1,98 cm.
    Towing 7,500-14,000 lb = 3400-6350 kg.
    Ground Clearance 16 in = 40 cm.

  5. Well, typical Elon announcement: Here's my latest renamed old idea that nobody ever built because it won't actually work in this form.

    You might be able to sell something like this in Japan, if you made it small enough. They have a class of very small street-legal vehicles that don't have things like mirrors.

  6. God that truck looks disgusting let alone 6'6" bed with out a folding tailgate. Come on trucks are made to be able to haul stuff and for the most part any construction materials are in 8ft sheets. Unless vehicle unless you want to be flashy. At least Truckla had a top support rack so she could use the vehicle like she intended on using it. Tesla made a show toy truck, like a lot of manufactures are today.

  7. Like the owner, it no personality. The one thing money can't buy. It's a Cancer Wagon. A giant Cell phone on wheels. Idiots fall for this so easily. Cause they're weak on the brain and easily impressed by blinking lights.

  8. It looks shit stop kidding yourselves fuck me its pathetic ,hot rod guys would fuckin murder you ,give me a v8 any day that looks like a car . Batteries good look to those poor bastards mining your lithium at 1 cent a week destroying the planet on a lie ,fuck you I’ll keep driving my V8 mustang and I know it’s better than your lies


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