The Best BMX Travel Bag? Odyssey Traveler Bag Review

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Video Description:
I travel quite a lot, so having a bag that fits my bike is pretty important to me. You wanna know what’s also important? Not getting charged a bunch of money for taking my bike on flights. Some airlines will hit you with massive fees if you want to take your bike, so it’s been pretty typical to use a golf bag of some sort to hide your bike on trips. Well, Odyssey has come out with the Traveler Bag and I wanted to see if it worked for me…

TLDW (too long didn’t watch):
You don’t have to break down your bike as much with the golf style bags, but you run more risk of getting charged for your bike annnnd you may not save time in the end when you’re waiting for your bag at oversize pickup. The Traveler Bag pretty much guarantees you won’t be charged for your bike and you don’t have to deal with oversize baggage issues. On my first use, I’m 99% sure it saved me from sleeping in an airport…that’s huge.

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Traveler Bag

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  1. Just realized today that I never chose a comment, super sorry. I loaded all the comments and gave it a random scroll and landed on "Kenny Vloggins" comment and decided it was proper enough to claim the bag. If he doesn't send me his address within a week, I'll choose another comment. Thanks everyone! More product videos coming as soon as I find the time…

  2. I’ve never been on a plane before but I would love to be able to travel with my bike for the first time with no problems, fees, or hassle. Shoutout odyssey bmx their team riders and parts are🔥🔥🔥

  3. I was goiing on a trip with my parents to Switzerland an there was like an stop in Belgium but there was two days ago a bomb atack we didn't now so we went instead to france en we were like yes now we are in Belgium en there a guy en he sad excuse me you are in france so we were likt wtf but yeah we had a nice vacation after all

  4. Flying from Edinburgh to Utah via Amsterdam. Flight from Edinburgh was delayed meaning missed connecting flight in Amsterdam. Ended up with 2 more nights in Amsterdam due to weather which meant three days less in USA overall. Also they made us fly to Minnesota before Utah as there were no direct flights that day. Another flight added. After all that no compensation was given and we ended up in worse seats than we paid extra for too. Nightmare.

  5. I flew out to Barcelona a few years ago with my bike packed into a golf bag from CostCo. The bag and bike made to Barcelona fine, but got super ripped up on the flight back to the UK. I only got one use out of that bag as it was way too damaged to use again. I will need t find a better solution for the next trip.

  6. I tear my bike COMPLETELY apart and cram it into a 16" complete box and duct tape it shut. That gets it under the 62" size limit of the airline but the TSA cuts it open and inspects it every time. One time they didn't throw my headset and other small accessory bag that also had my tools to rebuild my bike back in. That was a fun surprise when I got to Santa Cruz. I think it's time to upgrade from the cardboard box. 🤔

  7. I wish I had a worse airline story, but my traveling has been in USA only. However, I am going to the UK for school and while I'm there I want to hit up some skate parks. As the old saying goes, all work and no play make jack a dull boy…lol. so I want to take my bike with me so when I'm not studying I can spend time making new friends at skateparks across the u.k.

  8. I travel a lot with my bike. I always use a hockey bag, that also fits my skateboard. I was in the middle of Germany and put my bike inside the first class train car. The bike was built, and I had The hockey bag with all my stuff. Dude showed up and yelled like crazy at me, told me there was a dedicated spot for the bike and that I had to exit the next station. Long story short I ended up stressing on how to get back on the train with a bike until I remembered I could just take it apart and put it back in the bag…

  9. i took a domestic flight with a normal suitcase with my bike in it. Terrible idea. Had the worst time trying to fit my bike in there including multiple redos. Worst part of it all, was that is was very obvious that is wasn't just clothes so they charged me for a bike. I haven't travelled on a plane with my bike again because of that experience, need to get my hands on one of these odyssey ones!

  10. I don't like to fly that much so I always take Dramamine so I can pass out and wake up at my destination like B.A. Baracus from the A-Team! Any way I was on my connecting flight and I was pretty loopy from the 'mine (that's what I like to call Dramamine) and it was about 10 at night in St' Louis. We are on the runway and ready to take off…. the engines rev up and just as the nose comes up a BIG FIREBALL and LOUD BANGS starting coming from the engine (right next to my window) everyone starts screaming… Not me though I was barely coherent due to the 'mine and I remember leaning away from the window and because I didn't have any other people next to me, I could kind of lie down.. I covered my head and waited to see what was going to happen. We skidded to a stop at the end of the runway. Then we started to taxi back to the gate. We got to the gate and they shut everything down. I see a mechanic crawl into the engine. He comes out with a big plastic tarp. Apparently it was on the runway and it got sucked into the engine. The banging and fireball were basically backfires.. Anyway we had to wait for an hour and half for them to bring us another plane. I am pretty sure they just took our old plane and drove it around the block then told us it was a different plane. That was my worst airplane experience.

  11. Dudde. I really need one of these in my life. I litterally have to lie every single time airline ask me whats inside the bag. Worst story that i got with my bike bag was when i went to malaysia. I got this bike bag that really sketchy. No strap, no pads, no wheels and not even hard plastic. So i have to take off the bar, fork and frame just like you in this video. But remember my bag dont have strap that come wirh the bag. So i have to strap everything together and its not connected to the bag at all. This bag look really big too. Boxy looking bag with fabric material and rubber or fake leather inside. Of course the airline ask me whats inside the bag. So i got charged bcs of the bike for 55 USD just from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur. 55 usd might be not much, but i went to malaysia with really thight budged. That was rough. But the worst part was, i broke my wrist while competing in malaysia and had to deal with the same thing all the way back home. I can only use one hand bcs my left hand was casted and have to carry the bike bag without wheels. Still cant believe if i have to deal with my bike bag again


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