The BEST New PCs for 2019

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  1. Hello Linus, please I need your suggestion on this. I need affordable PC I can use to edit 4K Movies, Play Games when necessary and use it to also work on Cubase Pro 10. What specs do you recommend for best performance that will stand the taste of time. Something I can use for the next 10 years before thinking of upgrading. I will not need Mac product though. Its urgent. That one of 2:16 seems ok. What do you think? Thanks.

  2. I LOVE games but I don’t know shit about computer , I currently have an Alienware and I want to take the next step and get a desktop computer .but I don’t know anything and I feel like if I get a pc from a random ass company I’m gonna get scammed or I’m not going to get what i really want , some advice

  3. Are these PCs available to market at the moment? I'm looking for a good PC that won't break the bank and won't lag on me when I use editing software + browse the internet at the same time

  4. Hello i need to purchase a gaming PC for my sons birthday coming up. I like to stick with Intel and im guessing Nvidia. In my time 15 years ago Nvidia was a very concrete name i dont know today.

    What would you recommend? Plus my budget is $1500-$2000.

    FYI my son plays Fortnite. Thanking everyone in advance.


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