The Bob’s Burgers Theory – Are They All Dead? – Cartoon Conspiracy (Ep. 65) @ChannelFred

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  1. BOB IS BISEXUAL 😂I can back it up I swear!

    Yes, Bob is married, but in the episode were Bob belives Tina is growing up too soon,(I'll put in the episode later, I can't remember) When he is buying two more turkeys the cashier gives him a number. Bob comes back again and the cashier asks "things aren't going well with TONY , haven't been going well with TONY for a while." Bob nods. The cashier continues to state something along the lines of, "Let's go to the beach and kiss!" Bob agrees, but not that day. And that he's married.

  2. Actually, the meaning of Tina’s dreary personality is because she’s autistic, not that she witnessed her siblings death as said in the very first episode.
    Also, since Teddy is part of the Belcher family, the Belcher kids uncle is Teddy, then why isn’t he dead?

  3. um I have theory Was Stewie's look ( family Guy) insprired by Arnold from hey Arnold and or could they be distant relatives because there is not many characters with football shaped heads as far as I know. My only grounds for then is if wonder if it could be a thing, I don't have time for idle research sadly.

  4. it would explain why the restaurant is always empty, and the miscellaneous episodes could be from tv showa, but it still doesn't make sense. what makes sense is that someone is crazy and hallucinating their family members from a psyche ward.

  5. "If They are all dead how come Teddy and everybody who enter his business can see them? And why are they going to a school for the living can see them? Which makes this conspiracy a load of bull dropping,s."

  6. “They won’t tell me my middle name!”
    – Gene

    I have a theory about Gene’s middle name: I think Gene IS his middle name, more specifically Eugene, which is why nobody tells him his middle name. I think his full name is Robert Eugene Belcher III.

    I think Gene’s a “III” because Bob’s father “Big Bob” refers to Bob as “Junior” or “Bobby Junior”, making Bob’s full name Robert Eugene Belcher Jr., and Big Bob is R.E.B. Sr. That’s my theory.


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