The Bunker: Where You Land When You Definitely Don’t Want To Win (Apex Legends)

My Apex Legends Origin PC:

Easelm & Savage really didn’t like Apex Legends when it first came out but I begged them to play with me and give it a second chance. They finally did, we spent most of the night landing at Bunker and cheesing people! I had an amazing fun game and wanted to share it with you.

Second Channel:

I only use ASTRO Headsets. This link gives you 5% off in checkout:

All console gameplay captured with Elgato HD60 Pro:

Drift0r Scuf Controller:
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My gaming Router is the Netduma R1:
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  1. And you didn't even show the damage screen? Whut theeeee hyaelll, Drift0r??

    Also at 5:15, I've seen some crazy stuff in those bins late game as well. Favorite moment was when a teammate opened the one bin and spun around to open the other before looking. He missed the Gold shield in the first bin. Lol

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