The Ghouls

Eric Hayes is a stringer. One notch below the lowest rung of the journalistic ladder. A video vulture preying on police chases, ambulance runs and random street …

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  1. This is one fucked up movie..this movie actually made me sick to my 's really really fucked up, graphic and just plain nasty…pretty disturbing stuff in this one..

    but… it's really well shot, has awesome sound effects and crazy jazz music playing when you least expect it. Most of the acting is really good.

    If you have a strong stomach, and you're like me and have watched almost every zombie movie ever made, then check this one out. Although i warn, it is fucked up.

  2. Number of victims due to news crew stupidity?
    It's over 9000
    btw he says OMG after the creatures ate the guy he was using as bait, big friggin surprise, never though theyd eat him like they did everyone else, go figure

  3. @h2o20267 You are right about the news footage, I remember seeing it when I was a teen on the news……Live……even after he shot himself and the river of blood was flowing they didn't stop showing it, it was crazy. One thing though, it was in the late 90's not 80's friend.

  4. The guy who kills himself at the very begining of this movie, was taken from actual news footage. The guy was diagnosed with a terminal illness and was really upset with his HMO coverage. The burnning truck was his 1st attempt at killing himself. Unfortunatly, however, his dog was in the truck at the time. This is not BS. Should'nt be too hard to locate the news story from the late 80's.


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