The Grand Maester Conspiracy: what are the maesters up to?

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  1. There`s also the brutal fact that the Maesters, much like the people who rule Our world today, just wanna control the flow of information.

    "He who controls the past, controls the future. He who controls the present, who s the past." – George Orwell, 1903 to 1950.

  2. I think itโ€™s very possible the maesters either stunted the dragonsโ€™ growth or prevented their birth after the Dance… and if thatโ€™s true I canโ€™t blame them. The Dance brought too much death and destruction to Westeros.

    Edit: Concerning Pycelle, only a few maesters might have been involved in the conspiracy. It might be something Pycelle just wasnโ€™t privy to. Conspiracies are best when only a few ppl are involved

  3. Finally finished all 5 books. Lady Dustin is a great character. Very complex and layered. Strong and smart but bitter and biased. Will be interested to see more of her

  4. So just to recap. in Got even an unsuspecting institute of higher learning manipulates, lies, and schemes for their own ends and may have shaped history while making millions of people suffer in the process.


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