“The north remembers”: is there a Grand Northern Conspiracy?

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  1. If the Grand Northern Conspiracy is true, then it's redundant. Littlefinger is already plotting to crown Sansa Queen of the North (contender), Vale, and Riverlands (de facto). All that remains is for these lords to back her once she is crowned at the Eyrie.

  2. I'd love for this to happen, with all plots eventually ending up coming together and ending up with Bran or Rickon as Warden in the North and Jon King of the Iron Throne. That's how the books should take it, but here we are 2 years after this video was released and The Winds of Winter still isn't released yet lol but hopefully by next year it will be

  3. One of my favorite theories, cannot wait to see how it plays out. I noticed you didnt mention Larence Snow, Lord Hornwood's bastard. Stannis could legitimize Larence to secure loyalty of Hornwood men since Lord Hornwood and his only son die in AGOT and Lady Hornwood is murdered by Ramsey.

  4. Ned kept it a secret even from his dumb of a bitch wife. I mean Ned even knew she has a big fucking mouth. But it would of been kinda cool if she was brought back from the dead I mean she those make a good scary whore

  5. What I take away from the books is this; despite the wolf pack being scattered, the Starks are the most successful family in Westeros.

    With one or two exceptions, loyalty to the Starks among their vassals is bone deep, not the fear that has cowed the Westerlands, the intrigues and marriages the Tyrells have had to engage in to keep HIghgarden , but loyalty to the point that the Manderly, the Flints, Glovers etc. are willing to put their lives on the line for a family which has lost everything.

  6. We may see a battle similar to the battle of the bastards in the books with the only difference being that instead of men of the vale, the other northmen support jon. Or stannis might just beat ramsay and get beaten by jon later


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