Anneka meets Kate Muncaster and her beautiful pack of samoyeds, races them on a rig, finds out about temperament, diet, exercise and also learns how to …

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  1. Plzzz help guys my samoyed has veri less furr/ coat, though he is a puppy of 2 months, i want to make him the fluffiest, big and healthy, im from india, can anyone plase me a proper treatment and diet which will easily available in my country 🙏

  2. 1st problem with the video:
    The samoyed is a hunting/sledding dog and secondary a herding dog. This because the herding type was rarely brought to the west and bred on as the stock for our current breed

    2nd problem:
    The samoyed comes from the samoyedic PeopleS they stem from several different tribes throughout siberia. Nenets, enets olongonka and some I can't spell. They where used for different things in different tribes and had different (functional) types. There where hunting dogs as big as greenlanddogs and fur/food dogs as small as finlandic herding dogs.

    3rd problem with the video.
    It was we in the west that bred out the color. After the 1930s. Breeders started culling (killing) coloured pups. Because we didn't like the colours. It has nothing to do with functionality.

    4th problem:NEVER EVER spay or neuter a samoyed!
    The reproductive organs also control the mass and length of the breed. This means if you spay or neuter a samoyed the fur will be uncontrollable…

    5th problem. The samoyed should only be bathed at a maximum of once a year. Because the samoyed has a natural oil in its fur that is essential to the functionality of the fur. The drying info is only relevant to showtype samoyeds with a faulty arctic fur.

    I'm sure I missed something but here's a little info for you so you can give a correct advise later on 😊

  3. I’m allergic to dogs and I touched other dogs and cats they didn’t do much harm but I’m not sure what Causes my allergies cause I really like this dog and my dad said I can get a dog or a cat when we move so I chose a Samoyed because they’re really fluffy and they’re my favorite color that matches with everything and I’m the only person in my family who’s allergic to dogs cats etc)so I’m trying to get a hypoallergenic dog that’s really cute so my whole family will love it because I’m very picky with choosing pets because I’m allergic and there are other breeds of pets I love that give allergies so I know what pet I’m going to get before I buy one because I’m a very lonely person who just wants to do something and have fun so that’s why I want a pet to have fun with.

  4. Thank you for a great collection and contribution of introductory videos for various dog breeds. I have viewed several of your videos before commenting and subscribing to your channel. I must confess that you certainly provide a great collection of information for each breed, as well as providing a candid list of pros and cons for each breed. It is certainly going to save a lot of animals being unitized because first time dog owners just fall in love with the cute and fuzzy faces of the dogs/puppies without spending any time to research the characteristics of each breed before accepting the responsibility of new addition to their family for the next 10-15 years. Thank you and God bless.

  5. I love blond floof dogs and saw one today on the zebra crossing with a guy, the floof turned and looked at me gave me a big grin, bigger than his regular smile, and I melted into a pool of floof worship, obviously.

    It's what you need when you kinda sad and not well. See a doggo or kitty and just for a few moments everything is OK and you feel bright and happy. Dunno people don't make me feel like that. They are pure and loving and furry.

    So lovely to see them on this video.

  6. I remember one such dog in the park (I've seen plenty of samoyed dogs but this one was a special one). It was a fluffy cloud on four legs. But all of a sudden the stench of crap hit my nose. Then the dog turned around and behold, a big brown spot of freshly pooped crap was smeared all over its bum. Needless to say this sort of ruined the moment. LOL

  7. They're from "Siberia, Russia -way". Gawd. They originated from the Samoyedi people in North Siberia. Siberia is a part of Russia, East of the Ural mountains. They were bred to run with the horse riders herding reindeer and to keep the babies warm. They put their babies and toddlers in with a group of them sleeping to keep them warm, which is why they are so friendly and loving.


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