The Secrets Behind Apple Watch’s Most-Anticipated Feature

ABC News’ Rebecca Jarvis got an exclusive first look at the company’s secret health lab.

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  1. All of a sudden a smart watch is a big deal just because apple made one even thou the first smart watch was made by galaxy in 2012 and had a camera for only 300 apple are a buch of copiers that take credit for the smart watch or in apple terms the Iwatch

  2. So THAT's where the keep the fake American slaves that the marketing team wants you to see…instead of the thousands of helpless people that are ACTUALLY do this crappie endlessly as REAL slaves at Foxconn. 1st world jerks.

  3. Some people work themselves to the bone, while some people wouldn't exercise without access to a play-by-play update on their physiological activities. Something's wrong.

  4. This is waste of money and time.  Work out until you can't anymore.  Run until you can't anymore.  Then you know you've had a good workout.  You don't need a Apple watch to tell you that.

  5. Watch's for the most part became obsolete because of cell phones. Now they are trying to bring them back. I will pass unless some crack head sells one really cheap.

  6. ABC's bias coverage is an obvious effort to praise Apple.  This should be labeled for what it really is.  A commercial.
    Apple must be paying ABC to broadcast this and call it "news."

  7. But, people don't really wear watches anymore. All I see people do is look down at their phones. Also I would like one but only if it was given to me as a gift, I couldn't see myself buy one that probably wouldn't be worth anything down the road, I will gladly keep my Rolex until I die.


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