The Signal WOW Snowboard Review

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WOW 2020

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Filmed and Edited by Avran LeFeber

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Comment (13)

  1. At first I thought sections of the deck were see through because of the green screen. I was like holy fuck that is kind of rad but how do they handle the stiffness in those sections? Then I copped the fuck on and realized I was an idiot. BTW thanks for opening me up to trying the Rossi Sushi. Got to ride it in some freshies at Breck last week and it was awesome. Probably one of my favorite boards right now.

  2. Hi bro.
    What do you prefer ? The Capita DOA, the Bataleon Goliath, the Capita Mercury or The Jones Mountain Twin? I know it is a tough decision and because I don't have experience like you do, I ask for your help. I want a fun board for do it all and for every place on the mountain. Tnx 😁

  3. Signal park review? I like it, it’s a little softer than I’m used to. But I would be curious to hear your thoughts on it. Just rode it in powder yesterday too and it did well.


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