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  1. Long story short, smart watches remain a complete sh!tshow that should be avoided until further notice, unless you are someone like Casey who has a bottomless checking account and/or lovely women working for Samsung who regularly supply you with yet-to-be-released gear.
    Me? I have an automatic (mechanical and self-winding, just like a Rolex) Seiko chronograph watch with no electronics or smart capabilities. It is super-accurate, waterproof to 300 ft. and times my workouts impeccably. I purchased it 16 years ago for US$250 and it still performs like a champ.

  2. So I got myself a Galaxy Watch a couple of months ago thinking I would serve me well and get me in to working out more. And it did just that, but now I feel like all the other stuff is kind of unnessesary. I don't need messages and a Bixby on my wrist, so my plan is to switch to Garmin as soon as I can. Sometimes you don't know what you don't want untill you get it.

  3. You are mixing up build quality with durability. Luxury wise, the apple watch has the upper hand, however, in terms of durability the Samsung watch wins by a mile compared to the Apple watch. I find that portion of the review to be lazy.

  4. When we talk about capability and what you use the watch for, to include what your phone does that you already carry in your pocket, there are some things that make the Apple watch invaluable to some. The watch monitors your health to the extent it can do a accurate ECG/EKG, which the iPhone cannot do. On the other hand, Apple Watch can be used as your phone for phone calls and texts among other things, even if your phone is at home, or even meets a untimely fate. Invaluable, is it’s capability.

  5. Overall, the Applewatch is probably the best period. If Google made their own pixel watch…maybe have a competitor. The rest of wear os watches are freaking bad. Almost terribad. Only one I think does OK is the ticwatch pro so far.

  6. I will take galaxy watch because I have a android phone and I don't gonna buy a new phone for a new watch.And I don't now I like galaxy watch more I don't now why but I will buy a galaxy watch(btw thanks😀)


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