This DANGEROUS Conspiracy Theory Is Being Pushed By Celebs, Coronavirus Karen, Ezra Miller, & More

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  1. Just curious, how does one make money being locked in til August now in California. So when more people starve, cause stores will close an never reopen. Politicans won't even give you healthcare but, sure they will bail you out.

  2. I can't believe you had to go into so much detail to explain why 5G has nothing to do with the spread of coronavirus. What a waste of your time. I can't believe anyone would give that any credence. Like how I worked Ezra Miller's character name in there? Eh? What an ass!

  3. I'm a conservative and I follow some conservative pages on insta and jesus christ, the amount of people that dont see the problem with going to church, are against quarantine, and push the conspiracies like the 5G one is mind blowing. Granted theres always a ton of people calling them out on their shit, but it's scary cuz I've literally seen people say they refuse to get vaccines but theyll go to church. Like what? Idk how people come to these conclusions with the amount of research that there is put there

  4. LOL, I noticed you intentionally left out the fact the most used 5G frequency just so happens to be 60GHZ which is the peak frequency that gets absorbed into oxygen causing it to oscillate and this oscillation prevents your hemoglobin from up-taking it. This is documented by Russian physicist Vladimir N Binhi in his book "Magnetobiology: Underlying Physical Problems" so since you obviously don't know what your talking about, why don't you shut up and stop spreading disinformation about the laws of physics.

    And guess what, the types of symptoms you would expect from such an assault on oxygen would be exactly what this NYC doctor Cameron Kyle-SIdell is describing:

    Also, there are several good lectures describing this oscillation effect on oxygen and how it prevents the hemoglobin from absorbing the oxygen in this oscillating state just as Vladimir N Binhi has documented in his textbook. Here is just one example:

    In addition to all this, if you are getting your information from the likes of Dr Rashid Buttar, this guy is definitely controlled opposition and he is the one that popularized a vague link to 5G but when I called him out and asked him multiple times to address the physics that 60GHz signals has on oxygen and hemoglobin uptake, he totally ignores me and many others trying to get him to respond and he refuses to even mention 60GHz. This made it obvious that he was not interested in the truth and only wanted to sell products.

    Also, the physicists that are giving the pure scientific explanation are not saying 60GHz 5G signals cause Covid-19 but the cases where patients have extremely low oxygen levels and symptoms like acute mountain sickness or high altitude sickness are not suffering from a virus as Dr. Kyle-Sidell eludes to but are suffering from the effects described in Vladimir Binhi's noted above.

    We are also demanding that you produce the evidence that Covid-19 has been isolated and sequenced using the widely accepted gold standard of determining the cause of infectious disease known as Koch's postulates and to stop using tests that are just looking for genetic material excreted from cells that can be caused by any number of toxic shock to cells.

    But hey, since you are so sure 60GHz is safe, let us beamform some toward you and test our already established law of physics. Bet you won't accept our challenge you coward.

  5. As a Christian, this is annoying. God literally says to use wisdom. This is selfish, especially in this day and age where we have the ability to meet and do church without having to be physically together. I miss going to church but just as the Bible says that we are protected, it only says not to tempt God.

    God is a big fan of common sense – use it.

  6. Is Everyone forgetting that TRUMP and some of His Richie Rich friends are heavily Invested , YES INVESTED IN THE Pharmaceutical companies that Produce the Drug in Question… OF COURSE HE'S going to say its Great NO MORE THAN A BAD INFOMERCIAL… FROM DONNIE … European Papers on the Drug And studies in first rounds of testing have found it " Ineffective and EVEN HARMFUL on treating CCP Virus.

  7. "How is that a real person!? That exists in the same world I do, that has the same access to the same information that I do?" My thoughts exactly when I heard people ACTUALLY injected disinfectants smh -.-

  8. Honestly, religion shouldn't be exempt from emergencies like this. Religious freedom has always been you're free to practice whatever religion, but once it puts people in danger, then the government should be able to step in. Normally, I'd be all for Darwinism to take its course, but in this case, it'll take too many innocents with them, too, and that's the most infuriating part.

  9. "I am covered in jesus' blood." What? And yet, she wears a seat belt. She probably looks left and right before crossing the road. She probably sees the doctor when she is ill. Yes, facts matter, not faith in this and that.

  10. Kinda makes you wonder if these religious types realize how nutty they sound when they say shit like "I'm covered in his blood". Doesn't make you sound sanctified, Karen, it just makes you sound like a fucking lunatic.

  11. Sorry, but I disagree with you, Phil. Just because religion is not as important to you, does not mean it's not important to others. To some, the church is as critical to staying alive (and sane) as eating is.

  12. Has it been confirmed yet whether or not Trump or his family has stock or some financial interests in Hydroxychloroquine? I woulnd't be at all surprised. Member' when Trump said he was gonna divest from all his businesses to avoid conflicts of interest as POTUS? Yeah that never happened.

  13. 14:50. You wonโ€™t know if hydroxychloroquine is effective until long after itโ€™s too late. This disease spurs the immune system to develop infiltrates in the lung, non-functioning fibrous tissue. Itโ€™s why people on ventilators still have 70% chance of still dying. The lungs essentially solidify. Stopping that immune response is the best treatment, but many immune therapies are dangerous, hence why you would want to use an autoimmune therapy with a 50 year track record. And admit it, if trump hadnโ€™t of said it, everyone would be for it.

  14. 8:34 are you such a child that you need government to tell you to social distance and wash your hands? Do you want them to have that kind of power? Utah didnโ€™t have that order, yet most acted like responsible adults and isolated to slow the spread without top down tyranny.

  15. You take the cheap shot, but miss the important fact that weโ€™re all still going to the same grocery stores! Itโ€™s the dumbest thing we could possibly do, and it makes religious observers idiocy look quaint. But youโ€™re too smart to question that.

  16. IL-6 inhibitors are more promising . . . .Trump-please take the antimalarial . . .hopefully he dies like that poor couple who took it because of his idiot advice.

  17. Can't these morons pray from home? They're just being assholes.. . .they don't care about infecting other people. I don't think they believe in science . . .they still think microbes don't exist because you need a microscope,. . . yet, they believe in an invisible man that no one can see who thinks cells are people, but women aren't people. . . .riiight

  18. Unfortunately, the dumb are outnumbering the smart . . you can see the evidence in the world's leaders, these Russian propaganda pieces actually believed, and the dislikes for this video.

  19. Can I just say that being covered in anyone's blood is normally seen as a sign of insanity and is hella creepy. Why is Jesus's blood any different.


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