TikTok memes to relax your BIG BRAIN with 👌

The secret message of your favorite song is in http://vt.tiktok.com/e13Rep/

➟ DOWNLOAD TIK TOK: http://bit.ly/PapaCRINGE


This video is sponsored by Tik Tok. If you don’t have Tik Tok already, literally download it right now – it has all the best dank memes owo

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  1. Uber drivers really have to talk and make the 10 minute ride awkward.. like just drive bro I don't need to know about your complicated sexual preference and your roommate and how their dickhole works.

  2. Can’t wait to meet you. So join the animatronic family, we open real soon. Try your best to hold on to sanity, come get to know me, and you won’t wanna leave us for the night. Down here we’re lonely, and we would want you to join us for a bite

    Yeah I know the song by heart


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