Top 10 Smartest Dogs

Source of Original List : The intelligence of dogs by Stanley Coren (New York , The Free Press , 1994 )Source of descriptions Some …

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  1. This video is definitely based solely on personal opinion. Blue Heelers are far more intelligent than the other breeds in the list, often rivalling even the Border Collie. Labs are certainly nice dogs but, all things considered, really aren't all that smart and DEFINITELY not more intelligent than an ACD

  2. I'm not saying that they aren't intelligent dogs, but earning the #2 spot because they defecate in appropriate places… pretty sure I saw my neighbors poodle dining on his defecation

  3. I genuinely love these sorts of videos. Great fun as always. I just started doing my own top 5 clips again after making too many political vids. They are so fun to make, hope that I can get to the caliber here in time. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions!!

  4. Border terriers they are in most tv shows and well known hunting dogs for smaller vermin used to find food on the English Scottish border many years ago , agility sports games and loyal fearless tough little dogs

  5. My owns top 10 smartest dogs is
    Top 10 Rot wheiler
    9 Sheep dog
    8 American bull dog
    7 Doberman
    6 Poodle
    5 Border colli
    4 Great dane
    3 Labrodar retriever
    2 Golden retriever
    1 German shepherd


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