Top 25 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in the World

There are many factors that play a role when assigning a “danger” level to a dog but most critics and researchers disagree as to what these factors are.

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  1. I had a Fila Brassallero . Everybody my dog saw she liked or didn’t like. She stopped the swat team dead in there tracks as they headed for my door. They would have had to shoot me first. Anyhow everyone of the few my dog didn’t like ,tried to hit on my now x-wife when I moved out.
    So the dog died while I was in prison. Heart broken, she was my side kick I could leave my car running in the bad lands in Philadelphia, run in get a beer come out n car would be there many times people wouldn’t get out of there cars. She made mine rock as she barked 2K she cost. 2500 a leg for acl. surgery, of course both.

  2. They are not bad or mean dogs it how their owners treat them I mean rlly all of these dogs are very good its when someone puts them in a fighting ring people make them that way the dog is not born that way

  3. Our family grew up with doberman,rotweilers,german shepards,pitbulls,boerboel and stafies all sepose to be dangerous bull twang you have to love and take care of them then they wil be your best friend forever

  4. Where are Chihuahuas on this list.. They are by far the most aggressive dogs.. Did you not list them because to kill one all you have to do is step on it?

  5. I've trained my miniature toy poodle to bite the ears off of humans. i'm encouraging all owners to do the same. We're tired of not making the most dangerous list.

  6. It is not correct to describe German Shepherds as "fearless." In fact, in dog behavior, German Shepherds are described as displaying "fear dominance"; in truth, the German Shepherd is scared easily, but when they are scared, they go on the offensive. A similar mischacterization occurs with the Golden Retriever, the breed regarded as docile; this breed displays "aggressive dominance": when you leave the room and you find when you return that your your Golden Retriever has taken your seat, that's a display of aggressive dominance.

  7. Akita, it’s in their standard to be aggressive to other dogs and all the ones I knew were. Chow chow, every one I knew, no matter the training or socializing were nasty. American pit bull terrier, had 5 and they never started a fight but finished many so the focus always went to them instead of the cur that started the fight. Training does make the biggest difference but breeding does play a big role also. I have a English mastiff now, one neighbor has 5 and another neighbor has 2. Of all of them 3 can be nasty and all the rest are the biggest babies on the planet.

  8. I have had three successive English Staffordshire Bull Terriers. School children loved them as I walked with them past the school. My dogs also love the attentions. Throughout the years walking with them at the parks, I had three occasions where I had to put my own safety at risk to protect my dogs. The culprits? Bull Mastiffs. Out of the blue, they changed from totally indifferent to my dog's presence to a full-on attack.The other breed I am caution of is the Australian Cattle Dogs as they had initiated fights on all many occasions too. As for my Staffie, they are rather full-on if attacked. But never the one who initiated the fight as they knew they are not allowed to start a fight.

  9. As you said, every dog can be vicious and dangerous, if they are not treated correctly. But all of those breeds can be just as friendly loyal and gentle if they are treated with care and respect. Train your dogs with patience and well people!

  10. I have 2 pitbulls And they are not vicious or mean if you look it up they are the world's most misunderstood breed of dog in the world listed #1 and I think boxers are amazing no dog is born vicious or mean it depends on the way you raise them and treat them for example if you put a dog out side on a chain and never let him in and never feed him and abuse it then yes it is going to be mean but if you give a dog enough room to run around and give it daily exercise and feed him daily and be nice to it and give it love then it will be sweet as a lolly pop…….so all im saying is I don't completely like the dogs they listed in this video if you think so to plz say yes I do


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