Touch Pets Dogs Launch Trailer

Touch Pets Dogs will be free for everyone and will be launching globally soon!

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  1. One of the features should be to breed your dogs in a specific room. But they have to be opposite genders. Then the female will give birth to a baby mixture of the ones that breeded. The baby will then stay in the room in a little crib until it grows enough to leave it will still be a baby but it will be small. Then add it so there is a bathroom to clean dogs when they get muddy or dirty and being able to put them to sleep for the nights could be fun. Then if a baby is in it's crib you can feed it milk and tiny little biscuits. And using your points you should be able to buy more things like food then you can create recipe's so you can feed your dogs. There will be a kitchen to do this. And there should be a new giant bowl that can feed all your dogs the same thing at the same time. The same with a giant water/juice bowl. You should be able to make drinks for your dogs, using a blender in your kitchen the more fruits and stuff you put in it the longer it will blend. And you could share your recipe's with your friends.

  2. Bring back the game with lots of cool new features!! This was one of my all time favorite games when I was 7. Why did they remove it in the first place bring it back! And don't forget touch pets Cats bring them back!! We won't stop until we get it for our ipods tablets and computers.


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