TV for Dogs! Chill Your Dog TV with Cats, Dogs and Nature! NEW 2019!

TV for Dogs! Chill Your Dog TV with Cats, Dogs and Nature! NEW 2019! – Chill your dog out instantly with this new and improved, tried and tested dog TV!

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  1. I just had to put my baby down on Friday after fighting a losing battle with cancer and kidney failure. I was looking at old photos yesterday, and I found one of her sitting up against me, just staring at my phone with her head tilted, and I know this was the video I was playing because I would play it for her all the time ♡

  2. I made a bed for my dog and I use my old phone that I’m typing on right now as her TV she has not came out of her bed once ever since I play this music she was actually watching the video to and she didn’t go crazy or nothing she was watching the video it was amazing my dog is crazy and she always hides under my bed so I was thinking what would be the best way so I could have her not under my bed because there is going to be a bunch of trash on in my bed if she stays under there so I thought I should make her bed and then I looked up great dog videos and I saw this it’s amazing props to the person who made this

  3. I’m sorry, it just seems like common sense to leave the natural dog sounds in and not cover with annoying synth music. Neither of our dogs showed any interest in this failed video, yet they are at full attention when videos with dog sounds are incorporated. Unbelievable waste of video storage space. Congrats.


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