USA National Skateboarding Team Pushes Through

In the third episode of ‘Pushing For Gold,’ presented by TikTok, we interview Team U.S.A.’s Olympic hopefuls about how they are coping with the effects of COVID-19’s quarantine safety measures, and we get an update from U.S.A. Skateboarding’s CEO, Josh Friedberg, about training and qualifications for next year’s Summer Games in Tokyo.

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Comment (25)

  1. Let's just hope the judging and everything remains consistent in Tokyo.

    Snowboarding's inaugural Olympic showing was a circus. Unqualified judges, announcers, even the filming was bad.

  2. Politically charged propaganda bullshit stay TF away from skateboarding. I HATE that shit all it does is divide everyone, skateboarding is pure. Jus show how amazing these skaters are and don’t try and use them as some sort of manipulation brainwashing political propaganda bullshit.


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