VET VISIT GONE WRONG!!! cat attacks veterinarian

Extremely aggressive cat at the vet… copper is giving the vet a hard time

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  1. My cat had to go to the vet too today. After he broke his pelvis on 2 places after a accident a year ago, he absolutely hates the vet! Before that he was always very cute to the vet. He is axactly like this. They had to hold him with 2 assistents so the vet could do anything. Amazing how strong a cat can be! He is normally very friendly and makes Friends with everyone. Even dogs☺️

  2. You never know how your cat will react at the Vet. This cat could be the most chill dude at home, but he actually is terrified here, that's the only reason he is behaving like this. My cat would fight me checking her over at home, but she is super compliant at the Vet. Her tactic is to be as still and quiet as possible. Not all cats think they are going to die at the Vet, but some do and they behave like feral cats who have never seen a human before.


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