Victoria Gets Angry When Dog is Locked In 'Dungeon' For 15 Hours | It's Me or The Dog

Dog training expert Victoria Stilwell gets angry when owner is a no-show and leaves Victoria stranded outside and his Presa Canario locked in a room for 15 …

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  1. Is there a full episode? I'm disgusted seeing people who take animals and then aren't able to look after them. Stay alone! Don't take animals, because they have their needs! It is a responsibility. Is that to complicated to understand? Poor dogs!

  2. Imma get a dog like this , just I'm gonna get a puppy so I can train it from the beginning. They're really sweet when trained I wish people knew that😔☹️😥

  3. So sad, there was a news article a year after filming this which said Casper bit someone and the police had to take him… Apparently the judge decided not to euthanize him and instead said he had to get neutered and see an animal behaviorist. Not sure what actually happened to the poor dog though.

  4. Didn't even apologize for the dog or the wait. None of them has the fault for his late work, if you are a responsible and mature person you will know if you can take care of another living being.

  5. OMG, he chews up the house & they don't even think of getting him toys.
    And the fact that a dog owner doesn't know what a KONG is makes me think, he never even attempted to buy a toy.

  6. Normally dogs can only be 4-5 hours alone. Why did he has a Dog? To put him in a room?? 🤦🏻‍♀️😡
    Dog are not happy alone they need a sozial life. 😢
    (sorry my english is not so good😅)
    Greetings from Switzerland ✌️

  7. I remember that the people living next to my grandparent's house had bought a large dog but never stayed with it much, left it home all day alone and when they did come home they yelled at it for misbehaving even if they never really trained it. Last year it died of a heart attack, and I hope they never get another dog if they're going to treat it like they did with him.

  8. “If this man, sorry I should say boy” damn Victoria XD

    I feel like he should get a smaller dog cause he needs to grow a pair and actually know how to control a big dog, when I was little we had 3 big dogs and they all passed away of old ages at 13 and one died at 14, we lost our last one last December before Christmas.

  9. They dont understand how much pressure casper is in , like Victoria says hes in thier for 15 hours as day, he says 12 hours And how is that a difference!?! Shame on you ppl you shoudve trained your dog better.

  10. THIS IS GOOD COMPARED TO MY NEIGHBOR my neighbor has a mutt that is outside almost all day , when it’s not it’s put straight into a conservertory room with tile floors and the room is about 5 ft by 7 ft……this dog has scratched the walls right through to the interior , not long ago the dog was put down because it mauled two cats that whent into the crap covered garden….I don’t blame it as it was practically starved


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