Volunteering at Kevin Richardson's Wildlife Sanctuary

In November 2018, I flew from Sydney to Johannesburg, South Africa, to spend nearly a month volunteering at Kevin Richardson’s Wildlife Sanctuary. I had an …

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  1. Before you comment about the horse heads, continue reading. The whole reason I made this film was transparency around what life is like at the sanctuary as a volunteer. I receive a tonne of messages each week asking me some great questions about it and I was hoping this film could answer them. A frequent question I am asked is “why are you feeding horses?” Or “where does their food come from?”. So instead of repeating myself, I will explain it here. ALL animals that the animals eat is donated by local farmers. These local farmers rely on their livestock as an income for their homes and families. When these animals are sick, injured or too old, they are put down. If the sanctuary didn’t exists, the farmers would put them down and most likely eat what they can and throw what’s left into a burn pit. Instead, the sanctuary as built up relationships with these farmers and will drive to their farms to collect the animals and bring them back to the sanctuary to prepare for the lions, hyenas and leopards. This is by far the best situation for all involved. People only seem to be bothered by the fact that I was feeding Thor and Charlie a head – as I said earlier, this film was made with transparency as a priority and did specifically say in the narration feeding day wasn’t for everyone! Horses and zebras (one of the lions favourite meals) share similarities in their anatomy which means these beautiful animals are being fed a very similar diet to their cousins in the reserve. It may not be pretty, but it is a reality of running the sanctuary. Carnivores have to eat! I hope this answers some questions and clears up the confusion. If you do have any more questions by all means ask away and I will get back to you. Thank you again for watching my video!

  2. What a Wonderful Video! I'm wondering what a woman could do if she volunteered? Yes, some people would feel that some of the video is gross but NOT a person who is a TRUE animal lover! Thanks for sharing!

  3. oh my god!! this is so great. I love Kevin's bonds with all these animals and his awareness and this video for a different eye of what it's like working there. I love horses and seeing there head sjust liek made me go: ah! oh no so pretty poor babies. But i respect this sanctuary. +f all the dead animals in this video and <3 to all the living ones!!

  4. Thank you for such an amazing film!! I would LOVE to be a volunteer at KR sanctuary!! I am a current member of the Kevin Richardson foundation. You can choose the amount you'd like to donate monthly. Is there a set time and/season you volunteer? Are there cabins on the sanctuaries where the volunteers sleep? How much time do you really get to be with the animals or is your time mainly to help with maintenance? Are there any safe interactions(obviously) with the animals? Lol Thanks!! Ann Marie😍🦁🐯🐱I'd love to help!! USA

  5. Amazing Video! I'm going to the sanctuary in september myself to volunteer for four weeks and I actually have a few questions. Is there any way that I can contact you? 🙂 really am excited to go there!

  6. Very good video. It reminded me of my two weeks experience there in August 2015. Being so close to these majestic beasts was impressive and and an experience of no equals. Paolo

  7. Absolutely beautiful well done Kevin South Africa is still the best place to be in for wildlife thanks for your updates thanks for you looking after these beautiful animals without you I wonder what would’ve happened to them thank you Kevin from New Zealand


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