Was THAT The End Of This COCKY Boxer?

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Adrien Broner has become one of boxings most notorious figures. A true ‘love or hate’ character that also suffered one of the sports most significant falls from grace. Now, after his most recent Loss to Manny Pacquiao – he finds himself running out of options and struggling to compete at elite level. So here we look what went wrong and what could be next for the man nicknamed.. ‘The Problem’.

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  1. It's Oct. 2019, I guess he won't fight again this year. Couldn't they schedule a fight for Christmas eve for him on DuhZN with some of those earlier fighters who Aboner fought and won? Surely one of those guys would like another shot at him now.

  2. I honestly believe broner has more natural talent than any other welterweight…it’s just the mental game he’s losing at not being committed or having the same drive and hunger as other fighters

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